Electric skateboard vs. traditional board

With everything going tech, electric skateboards have joined the craze, and new-age skaters are wondering if traditional skaters will ever embrace that life is too short to keep on pushing. As artists, most skaters are die-hard fans of their art and some do not see the need to ride a motor while they can get more pleasure from a simple push. But is technology catching up with traditional boards? Which of the two skateboards is the ultimate skating master?

Electric Skateboards

Like any other technology, it takes time for people to accept change and adapt accordingly. For skaters who have not yet conformed to the modern age, here is why electric skateboards will become mainstream shortly:

1. Pushing Is Exhausting

Life is too short to be pushing every day is the slogan here. When traveling long distances traditional boards will have you dripping in sweat and exhaustion in no time. Even experienced classic skaters hate the burnout of a long skate.


2. Maximum Speed Control

Electric keyboards come with a remote which give you control over how fast or slow you need to slide to get to your destination. Knowing how fast you can move makes it easier to plan your trips. With just a squeeze, you can bypass traffic and get to work faster.

3. Race against Gravity

The worst part in skateboarding is an uphill climb. Even traditional boarders hate skating against gravity. If you leave in a hilly country, using a traditional board will have you getting to work like you just walked out a gym. Carving uphill is so much fun, while downhill gliding is just breathtaking.

Traditional Boards

There is passion in staying true to the course. Conventional skaters are the real deal in the skating world.

1. Life Is Never Too Short To Stay Healthy

Putting your muscles to work as the wind rush against your skin is rejuvenating and relaxing. Blood rushing through your veins is phenomenal. Unlike electric skateboards, a traditional board needs you to put some work.

2. Low Prices For So Much Fun

Electric skateboards can be expensive, and you will have to do a lot of window shopping. Why spend so much money to have a good time? The beauty of skateboards is low prices, robustness, and accessibility. There is less hassle in traditional boards.

3. Skating Is An Art

The best thing about traditional boards is the freedom it gives you to explore different genres of skating. Things like skate-dancing, commuting, freestyle, carving and cruising, and many ways of skating may not interpret well with electric skateboards. Traditional boards allow you to skate out of your comfort zone. Gliding over a traditional board is an art.


4. Your Body Is The Power

Electric skateboards can quickly run out of juice, and they need recharging. For a regular board, your body is all you need to carve uphill.

The Bottom Line

With fuel prices hiking every day, grabbing your skateboard to school or work is the new black. Whether you chose to buy an electric skateboard or traditional board, you can now play a significant role reducing pollution.